Edward Waters College has a New 2.6 Million Dollar Criminal Justice Center



[Dallas, TX.  – August 18, 2014]

Today is the first day of school at majority of HBCU’s  but the Freshmen students who are enrolling in  Edward Waters College (EWC) are in for a real treat. The  Criminal Justice program  this year will  house the new Center for Criminal Justice and Forensic Science and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Zone 5 Substation for their entire major.

The $2.6 million facility houses Jacksonville Sheriff Office officers, two classrooms and a forensics lab for EWC students. The 10,500 square-foot building is the largest building expansion on the historically black college campus since 2005. Edward Waters College President ,  Nathaniel Glover, a former two-term Sheriff of Jacksonville will  also serves as a guest lecturer in several of the classes offered in the curriculum. His 37 year career in law enforcement has come full circle with the addition of this building to their campus.  President Nathaniel Glover made history when he became the first African-American elected sheriff in the State of Florida in more than 100 years, since Reconstruction.

President Nathaniel Glover

“Our students have access to a working constituency of law enforcement. They share the halls with an actual functioning police substation,” said President Nathaniel Glover. President Glover compares this addition to the campus as an “opportunity  to that of medical students in hospitals and the  facility similarly bridges the gap between the real world and the classroom.”
Funds for the facility were raised through a collaborative public/private partnership that included EWC, the community and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office which provided $900,000 in drug forfeiture funds for the project. Private donors raised $985,000, and the other $750,000 came from the U.S. Department of Education’s Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act. Beyond the additional classroom space and increased police presence in the community, the facility provides a unique opportunity for criminal justice students to routinely interact and network with law enforcement professionals without ever having to leave the heart of campus.
 Edward Waters College (EWC), accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges, and Schools (SACS) and member of the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), is a private, historically black, urban college which offers a liberal arts education with a strong emphasis on the Christian principles of high moral and spiritual values. EWC was established in 1866 and is an African Methodist Episcopal Church-related institution of learning. It is the oldest private institution of higher education in the state of Florida.

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